Break The Wall Project – Teaser Production

[Teaser] Break The Wall Project


Title of the teaser: Open your heart and Break your own insensitive wall.

Nowadays the insensitivity becomes a social phenomenon among Vietnamese young adults.

The recent research shows the drama drop on university students’ helpfulness and kindness

to other people’s problems. Moreover, low empathy is directly related to criminal

behaviors, violence and other antisocial behaviors. There are three main reasons that lead

to the insensitivity including the childhood experiences, mass media and society context. As

a result, the young adults build up an invisible wall to defense and protect themselves.

Therefore, this teaser aims to raise the empathy among young adults and to change their

current negative mindset in order to enhance a better life and society’s good will. Moreover,

it also encourages young people to care and help others by taking possible simple actions.


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