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A brand is not only a product or a service; it is a creation with personality. Thus, branding is the process of creating unique, irreplaceable and strong image for companies, relied on their personalities and identities (Kotler 2009). Branding is an activity that differentiates one seller to other sellers (Kotler. 2009).  Branding helps companies to uphold and expand its position in marketplace, improve economy status. Furthermore, a strong and unique brand reinforces buyers’ decision in decision-making process when they have to choose one product among thousands of other competitive products (Kay, 2006). Thus, the stronger the brand, the more chances of successful the companies will have (State of Queensland, 2014).

According to Dvorak (2010), building a brand is to create a long-term growth and a sustainable growth in order to reinforce the connection between companies and target consumers. Kelley and Jugenheimer (2008) stated that branding is not only showing the company’s name, branding is a developed process of generating brand appearance, brand name, brand awareness and brand personality. In order to successfully build a strong brand, companies should focus on reinforcing brand image, brand awareness and brand personality because these elements differentiate this brand from other brands and these key elements also have big influence on consumer behaviors (Dolak 2005).

Brand Image

According to Dawn Dobni and George M. Zinkhan (1990), brand image is a vital concept which mainly affects consumer behavior. Brand image is the image that stays in consumer perception when one recalls a brand. It is defined as a unique pack of the brand associations that stayed in the mind of target customers (Kelley 2008). In order to strengthen the brand image, the company should concentrate on developing brand associations to create unique trading purpose of the brand.

Brand Awareness

It is the ability that buyers recognize the brand within seeing specific product. Brand awareness roles an important part in supporting advertising dimension and marketing activities (Belch 2009). A higher stage of brand awareness guarantees bigger possibility of brand selection, reinforce consumers loyalty and decreases the influence of competitors in marketplaces. (Kotler, 2009).

Brand Personality

Brand personality is considered as the major feature of identifying the brand. It is the emotional sight that embodies the characters of purchasers (Kelley 2008). Although the brand personality bases on experiences, advertising still has an important role in the process of creating brand personality because it creates interests (Kelley 2008).


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